Miyajima Guest House Mikuniya
327 Chue-machi, Miyajima-cho
Hatsukaichi City
Hiroshima, Japan
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By train and ferry (Hiroshima City===Miyajima ferry pier)

JR Hiroshima Station===(by JR Sanyo Line/25 min./400 yen one way)===Miyajimaguchi Station *Covered by Japan Rail Pass
Hiroshima Downtown===(by tram line #2/40 min. /270 yen one way)===Miyajimagushi Station *Not covered by Japan Rail Pass

Miyajimaguchi Station===(on foot/2 min.)===Miyajimaguchi ferry pier===(by ferry/10 min./170 yen one way)===Miyajima ferry pier
*There are two ferry companies: JR and Matsudai. The Japan Rail Pass is valid on JR ferries.

By direct boat (Hiroshima City===Miyajima boat pier)

Peace Memorial Park===(by boat, 55 minutes, 1900 yen one way)===Miyajima Boat Pier. * 3400 yen round trip, 3-12 round trips per day.*Not covered by Japan Rail Pass

Miyajima Island Map


* The numbers on the map are the spots where the following photos were taken.

torii gate From the pier, head to the Torii gate.
Itsukushima shrine Keep going, seeing the Torii gate on your right. You'll see Itsukushima Shrine in front of you.
Bridge Walk along the street, and after you pass the back side of Itsukushima Shrine, you'll see this bridge on your left. Cross the bridge and keep going.
Iwamura You'll see Iwamura maple leaf cake shop on your right at the corner. At this corner, turn left and keep going.
Mikuniya You'll find Mikuniya with long white wall on your left. Welcome to Mikuniya!

By minibus (Maple Liner) (Miyajima ferry/boat pier ===Iwamura Maple Leaf Cake(Momiji Manju) shop===Mikuniya)

Miyajima ferry/boat pier===(by minibus "Maple Liner" bound for Aquarium/5 min./300 yen per person)===Iwamura Maple Leaf Cake (Momiji Manju) shop ===(on foot/3 min.)===Mikuniya
*Please tell the driver that you'll get off the bus at Iwamura Momiji Manju Shop (place #4 in the map above) in advance.

By taxi (Miyajima ferry/boat pier===Mikuniya)

Miyajima ferry/boat pier===(by taxi/5 min./about 600 yen).
*if your group is more than 2 people, it may cheaper to use a taxi than Maple Liner.

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What's new?

Mikuniya has opened in autumn of 2013!


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